Sunday, March 04, 2007

Adding Composer to My Resume

My clarinet sextet, "Channel Surfing at Six," has been programmed for the IWS April chamber concert. This is the first public performance of anything I've written. I hope it goes well. Charlie, Dr. Maestro, was making a big deal about the IWS having a world premiere of a piece.

I plan for this piece to be one movement of a larger, multi-movement piece for six clarinets. Each movement will have a television theme. This one is the evening news. I'm mulling over ideas for a "Saturday Morning Cartoons" movement. I need a slow movement, though. I need it to be slow but not boring -- so I don't want to do a PBS movement or a "Book Channel" movement. (I could do an eclectic "Public Access" movement, though...)

This is actually the second performance of something I've done, now that I think about it. In college, I was a part of a woodwind quintet that would drive out to elementary schools one morning a week and play and talk about our instruments. Among other things, we did some of Handel's Water Music. As you can imagine (he said, rolling his eyes), elementary school kids go ga-ga for Handel. So I used some piano music I had and arranged the theme song to "Tiny Toons Adventures," the Spielberg cartoon that was pretty popular at the time. You could hear the shift in the air as the kids suddenly started paying attention because they recognized the music.

And the arrangement was really good, if I do say so myself.

Wish I still had it somewhere.

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