Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Looking for a New Home Online

I found out last week that Yahoo! is nixing GeoCities. My (tiny) Web site is housed on GeoCities because it was there, it was free, and it was easy. Now that GeoCities is going away, I need to find a good place to move my site. And, like everything else on the Internet, I'm not willing to pay for it unless I have to. What free Web hosting sites are good, and which should I avoid?

It's actually rather serendipitous. Even before I found out about GeoCities' imminent demolition, I had started reading up on CSS and had wanted to see what else I could do with my site to make it look more professional. GeoCities won't let me upload a .css file, so I'd have to embed the styles in each page, which would eat up my storage capacity like Animal eating up furniture. On top of that, my site's URL is too long and not memorable and, as an aid to spammers everywhere, my e-mail address is embedded in the URL! (Is anyone actually wondering why GeoCities isn't popular anymore?)

So I'd like emigrate from GeoCities sooner rather than later. Any suggestions?

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