Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Weekend to Learn Photography

Okay, so maybe not all if photography. It was such a beautiful day, I figured it was a good time to go out and learn how to use my digital camera. I went to Holliday Park and then to the IMCPL Central Library, which gave me the opportunity to wander around downtown Indy a bit. I ended up with 90 photos, and here are some of my favorites (with a small amount of digital manipulation.
I should find out the story behind these ruins, because they're just sort of there, in the middle of this park, surrounded by a fence to keep people from, er, ruining them.

I was experimenting with depth of field here. I didn't get the effect I was looking for (I had my f-stop settings flipped around), but I still like this picture.

Here I actually learned a little something about using a flash to fill in shadows. If I hadn't used the flash, you wouldn't be able to see any of the statue's features. Again, this is from Holliday Park.

Ten Commandments?
This is from the War Memorial downtown, right out in front of the central library. I've lived in the Indianapolis area nearly all my life, but I'm just now really looking at this monument? In this picture, I was playing with the shutter speed settings, trying to get movement in the fountain water against the immoveable stone face of the engraving.

This might just be my favorite picture that I've ever taken. I love the combination of the solid geometrical shapes of the modern building reflecting the distorted image of an older building.

A different side of the same building.

Again, the new reflecting the old. You can see inside the building where the reflection falls into shadow.

Three views
So maybe this one is my favorite? It has the great reflection, the light vs. the dark, and the circles of lights can leave you wondering exactly what you're seeing. (They're the lights on the ceiling inside the library.)

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