Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Standing Desk, A Brief Update

I'm still going strong with the standing desk. The scale says I haven't lost any weight, but lately my jeans keep wanting to slide down. I might need to buy a new belt.

Even with the gel sole inserts, standing on that hard, flat floor all day was starting to get to me. (Any padding that used to be under the carpet has long since been stomped into flatness.) So, a couple weeks ago, I brought in a child's sleeping pad* — it's just a rectangle of blue sponginess — and set it on the floor where I stand to give me some extra cushion. It has helped about as much as the passage of time has. I've gotten used to standing all day, though I can sure feel the difference when I finally sit down.

It reminds me of those horrible days at McDonald's when I was a teenager.

But at any rate, the standing desk has become a regular part of my day now.

* We bought the sleeping pads to take camping because I couldn't afford bonafide camping cots. Sleeping on them was slightly better than sleeping on the cold ground. Slighty.

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