Monday, August 20, 2007

Blood Work

Three months ago, I had a bad visit with my doctor. My cholesterol was too high, my HDLs too low, my triglycerides through the roof. He gave me three months to try to change that with diet and exercise.

After some bloodletting on Friday, I went in today (Monday) to get the results. I lost six pounds (hooray!). I dropped 49 points off my triglycerides (hooray!). My LDL and HDL levels were normal (hooray!).

My cholesterol went up 12 points (hoo— what?!).

So now I'm taking another pill daily: Tricor.

I went out this afternoon and bought a nice recumbent stationary bike. I have to go back in six weeks to make sure the Tricor isn't screwing up my liver. Hopefully by then I can show some real results.

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