Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Another Pacers Game

I went with friends to a Pacers game last night. This one was particularly interesting because it was the Indiana Pacers vs. the Chicago Bulls the day after the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears made it to the Super Bowl. There were a lot of blue Colts jerseys at the game, and a goodly number of Bulls/Bears fans. It was grin-inspiring each time someone randomly yelled out "Go Colts" at the Pacers game.

Two quotes from the game:

(Speaking of the Pacers Pacemates (they used to be called cheerleaders!) after a dance number during a time out): "Nothing says "Go team!" like simulated sex."

(After the game): "I wouldn't say he had daggers in his eyes, but there were definitely some sharp letter openers in that gaze."

BTW, the Pacers beat the Bulls.

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