Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Job Search

The Friday before Christmas I sent my resume to the HR folks, applying for a new position within the same company -- a content editor for the online team. If I get the job, I'll be one of the people who updates the content on a number of the company Web sites, and they have quite a few. They also do a lot of online "special" projects that require some creative problem solving and teamwork -- just the kind of thing I love.

Last Thursday I had the interview. It went for a full hour, and I think it went quite well. I was given a lot more information about the job itself, and I was more excited about it after the interview than I was before it. And I kept my "um"s to a minimum (my own little pet peeve).

Today, almost a week later, I got an e-mail asking me to meet with the rest of the group, to give me the opportunity to ask them questions and just meet with them in a casual atmosphere. Step 2! (Or Step 3, if you're starting from the resume.) I'm feeling really good about this!!!

I'm giddy again!

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