Saturday, January 06, 2007

Ten Reasons I Hate People (10)

The other day I drove to Taco Bell for lunch. There were three cars in line at the drive-through (which means the third car was actually blocking the intersection; someone needs to move the order board closer to the building), but there were only a smattering of cars in the parking lot, so I figured I'd just hop inside and order to-go.

I walked in and, to my relief, only two people were in line in front of me. This Taco Bell is really quite quick, so this fast food run promised to actually be pretty fast.

But then I noticed that the woman in line ahead of me was clutching a little penned note. A list, to be exact.

Sure enough, when she got to the register: "I have a few orders that I need to pay for separately."

Order 1. Pay with cash. Get change. Take receipt.
Order 2. Pay with cash (from the same envelope).Get change. Take receipt.
Order 3. Pay with cash (again from the same envelope). Get change. Take receipt.
Order 4. "Do you want hard or soft tacos with that?" "I'm not sure." Conversation with hands-free cell phone unit. Order hard tacos. Pay with cash. Get change. Take receipt.
Order 5. Pay with debit card. Take receipt. Put away the list. (I sigh.)
Order 6. Finally look at the menu to decide what she wants for herself. Order a number 4 with hard tacos. Open billfold. Pay with cash. Get change. Take receipt.

I could have gone through the drive-through two or three times during the time I waited in that "line." Inconsiderate people drive me mad. Strangers who waste my time drive me madder. I hate people.

(To Taco Bell's benefit, by the time she finished order 6, orders 1-5 were already finished and bagged up.)


skjdouglas said...

If you would've walked in to Taco Bell & seen 6 people in line ahead of you, would you have gotten back into your car and gone to the drive-through. Or would you have waited patiently since you were already inside?

4ndyman said...

I would've stayed indoors. Tacos are cheaper than gasoline, and the nice lady working the cash register is friendlier than my Jeep's dashboard.

Incidentally, I went through the same thing at a McDonald's last week. There must have been twelve cars in line. about eight cars back from the order board was a white BMW. I walked in, ordered my food, got it, and walked back out. When I got back out, that white BMW was still about five cars back from the menu board.