Friday, February 06, 2009

Good News for Foot and Kitchen

Good news was waiting when I got home from work yesterday. I got a bright green note from the apartment complex that my building is on the list for kitchen renovation next Tuesday. This is the same kitchen renovation I've been looking forward to since last April. Monday night I'll be emptying everything in the kitchen except the fridge -- all cabinets, the drawer under the stove, the top of the fridge. Not to mention all the junk. (If you've seen the state of my kitchen, you know this is a big job.)

What do you think are the chances that it will go smoothly and quickly, and that I'll be enjoying a new kitchen Tuesday night?

I also got good news this morning. The swelling in my right foot has gone down quite a bit. It still looks uglier than what's in the previous pictures (moer bruising and burst capillaries), but it's gone from bratwurst to frankfurter. When I have the boot on, I can even put some pressure on it, so I've been able to hobble around with only one crutch.

I might have to go find myself a nice cane this weekend.

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