Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A New Kitchen, and Then Some

The contractors were here nice and early this morning -- 8am. I guess I was the only one up and ready to go -- they started on my kitchen right away, even though I'm on the second floor. If I wasn't so overloaded with stuff at work, I would have been excited about the kitchen renovation all day long.

I came home to find a beautiful new kitchen. Pix below. New fridge, new range, new cabinets, new countertops. They even replaced the sink (including some more stylish fixtures) and the dishwasher. I didn't think they were going to replace the dishwasher.

My new sink with brushed-nickel faucet even comes with a sprayer. W00t!

My new Whirlpool oven with the clock set to the wrong time.
There's a light in the oven; I'm livin' the high life now!

They even replaced the countertop and cabinet in the bathroom.

That's me in the ugly Hawaiian shirt.

They also replaced all the door knobs with stylish handles, and the three cheap ceiling lights in the hallways and bathroom with nice, frosted-glass lights. They already raised my rent this year, and from the looks of things, I can expect them to do it again next fall.

My inaugural dinner in my new stove was baked to perfection:

I only wish I would have taken a"before" picture. (Of the kitchen, not the dinner.)

I spent all of Monday night getting everything out of the kitchen and into boxes and bags in the dining room. I'm procrastinating on moving everything back. Why ruin such a pristine kitchen?

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CouponAlbum said...

Great replacement of new kitchen appliances!! New cabinets and counter tops both are looking nice!!